Hi! I’m Lawrence. This is a blog about brewing and drinking beer. Come here for posts about my progress turning my basement into a makeshift brewery, reviews of pubs and beers available across London and the wider UK, and occasional pretty pictures of pub gardens.

As well as beer, I also enjoy writing, playing the ukulele, and spending unhealthy amounts of time on the internet.

Rating system

I rate the beers I taste out of five. The idea is to give scores that are meaningful, while not pretending that I’m able to consistently grade everything I taste with 100-point precision. These scores are:

5 – Outstanding. This beer is special. Each one of these beers is seared into my memory forever.

4 – Good. I’ll happily order a second, and might come back for more tomorrow. I’ll go out of my way to find more.

3 – Decent. I enjoyed drinking this beer, but there’s nothing especially outstanding

2 – Mediocre. Not terrible, just not very good either. I’ll have another if there’s nothing else on.

1 – Bad. I finished the beer, but wouldn’t drink another even if it were free.

0 – Awful. Something is wrong with this beer. Unable to finish.

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