DEYA, Steady Rolling Man & Glue

If you haven’t come across DEYA Brewing before, it’s high time you did. They’ve been busily building a reputation for brewing punchy, powerfully hopped beers packed with flavour.

This week, I tried two beers from their core range: Steady Rolling Man, a 5.2% pale ale, and Glue, a 6.5% IPA.

Steady Rolling Man

This is arguably DEYA’s flagship beer. Steady Rolling Man is a heavily hopped, American style pale ale.

The name comes from a song by blues guitar legend, Robert Johnson, whose likeness features on the can. The art is colourful, full of contrasts; the illustration style hand drawn. It tells me to expect a light-hearted, playful beer inside.

Steady Rolling Man pours a straw colour, with a thick, fine-textured white head. The combination of wheat and oats, dry hops, and the lack of finings leave this beer looking cloudy and thick.

The aroma is a delight. Juicy oranges and peaches in syrup lead, paired with resinous piney notes and dried grass clippings. It’s enticing, delicious, drawing me in for my first, wonderful sip.

Which is why I feel a bit let down when this beer hits my tongue. Having seen how hazy this beer is, how hoppy it smells, I’m surprised when the first flavour on the palate is biscuit malt. The mouthfeel is light, thin. Those hop flavours are there, sure, but far less intense than they were on the nose.

At 5.2%, Steady Rolling Man is too strong for a session pale. But with the light mouthfeel and the less intense hop flavour, that’s exactly what it tastes like. It’s a good beer, one that I’ll happily finish. But I know DEYA can do better.

Rating: 2 out of 5.


“Juicy IPA in our house style”. Sometimes, when it comes to beer descriptions, less is more.

Glue gets its name from one of the team at DEYA: Reg, who earned the nickname “Glue” because she holds the whole place together. It’s a sweet name, and a wonderful inspiration for a beer.

Again, the can art is striking and colourful, almost psychedelic. A woman, presumably Reg, sits front and centre. The contents of the can are just as striking: a beautiful, cloudy gold body topped with a generous, bright white head.

Glue has a dank, grassy, resinous aroma. It’s a little spicy too, with notes of coriander seed and pepper. Those orange and pineapple juice notes are there, as in Steady Rolling Man, but here they take a back seat to the green notes.

That’s where the similarity ends. Glue’s flavour is phenomenal. It’s a gorgeous balance: fresh and juicy passion fruit and orange juice to start, balancing hoppy bitterness, white pepper spice, and dank, wet grass flavours. The mouthfeel is thicker, stickier, coating the inside of the mouth.

I came to DEYA with high expectations and happily I can say Glue absolutely smashed them. It’s exactly the kind of hoppy, juicy pale beer on which this brewery has built its towering reputation. For me, at least, Glue lives up to the hype.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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