Unbarred, Bueno Shake

Bueno Shake is Unbarred’s attempt to recreate the Kinder Bueno in beer form. It’s sweet, nutty and smooth: in my opinion, it’s an improvement on the chocolate bar. Bueno Shake contains lactose and gluten.

Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. Hazelnuts. Wafer.

All essential elements in the classic chocolate snack, the Kinder Bueno. But what if you prefer using beer to fuel your sugar high? Unbarred has you covered.

Bueno Shake is a 6.4% milk stout brewed with vanilla, lactose and hazelnuts. The can looks striking, a pinwheel of red and cream strips that reminds me of a circus big top or a barbershop pole. That is until I compare the can side by side to a real life Kinder Bueno, and spot that they’re just trying to emulate the original confection’s packaging.

We’re going for a jungle theme with this photoshoot

Pouring it out, we’re greeted by a dark mahogany beer with a loose, tan head. It’s a little less viscous than I’d expected, but the aromas of hazelnuts, chocolate, and vanilla rise up off this beer like a dense fog.

On the palate it’s sweet – very sweet. Alongside the dark sugar we have chocolate, thankfully with a little bitterness to help balance things out. Hazelnut creaminess rapidly takes over as the dominant flavour. The mouthfeel is smooth but not especially thick – disappointing, given the flavour profile. I would have liked this to be a little chewier, a little more rounded.

Tasting it alongside the original Kinder Bueno, the similarities are clear. They share the sweetness, the hazelnut creaminess, the sickly milk chocolate flavour. But where Bueno Shake is sweet, the Kinder Bueno is hideously saccharine. By introducing an element of bitterness to the brew, I think Unbarred has managed to improve on the original snack.

Bueno Shake is a decent beer. I wouldn’t cross town to find a bar serving it, but then I wouldn’t turn down a second pint if there was one on offer nearby. On balance, I make that a 3/5.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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