Days of Creation, Thornbridge

Days of Creation is a Belgian-style sour red ale from Bakewell brewers Thornbridge. Dry, fruity, and tart, it’s a blend of beers that have been aged one, two, and three years in red burgundy barrels. A great beer to enjoy with cheese. Days of Creation is vegan and contains gluten.

It’s pretty obvious I love beer. What may be slightly less obvious is that I also love wine. So, when I see a beverage straddling the boundary between the two, I tend to get pretty excited.

That’s one of the reasons I picked up Days of Creation. Yes, it’s come from Thornbridge, which we know and love for excellent beers such as Jaipur. Yes, the label and name are leaning into the kind of religious aesthetic that I, an ordained minister, can get behind. But mostly, I like the look of this beer because it has a bit of everything.

It’s all sounding very Belgian: a mix of beers that have been aged one, two, and three years in red burgundy barrels. Infused with raspberries and fermented not just with yeast, but also with bretanomyces, pediococcus and lactobacillus.

Days of Creastion is a deep, ruddy brown with very little head.

Now, this is a sour beer. So we’re going in here expecting vinegar on the nose. And…that’s definitely what you get. But it’s fruity and fresh too – red wine or raspberry vinegar, not the sort of thing you’d get down the chip shop. It’s also, dare I say it, a little bit cheesy.

The palate is intrguiging. There’s so much fruit in here: the raspberry, but also the red grape, the raisins. But in spite of all that, it’s also extremely dry. That evolves into some darker, tannic, complex balsamic vinegar flavours on the finish.

The juxtaposition between the astringency and the fruitiness are what stand out to me here. It’s not aggressively sour nor overly sweet, as some fruited sours tend to go. It sits in that middle ground, beautifully balanced.

This would be a phenomenal beer for someone who’s convinced that all beers taste the same. Pour them a sip of this and watch them try to stand by that statement then.

This isn’t my standard 4/5 beer. Normally, that kind of rating means I’d be happy drinking it all night. This is certainly a lovely beer, a very interesting beer. But one is definitely enough.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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