Pomona Island, Soylent Green

Soylent Green is a citra-heavy pale ale from Salford brewers Pomona Island. It’s thick, juicy, and immensely satisfying to drink. Soylent Green contains gluten and is vegan-friendly…allegedly.

I’m not much of a film buff. I can recite the script to the Disney classic movie Bedknobs and Boomsticks verbatim and have watched Mean Girls on October 3rd religiously every year since its initial release. But most of the classics are a complete mystery to me. Psycho? Not a clue. Citizen Kane? I don’t know her.

So, my awareness of Soylent Green is that it’s the name of a movie, and that’s about as far as I get. Hopefully that doesn’t affect my enjoyment of this beer.

Soylent Green has a strikingly simple label: just a pale green logo and text on a darker green background. It’s emblazoned with what looks like a recycling symbol with people on it, so I’m guessing this is some kind of highly sustainable eco beer? Let’s check the back of the label to find out.

“A nourishing double dry hopped pale with Citra Cryo and Citra T90 (this sounds more like a Terminator than a hop) that will keep you coming back for more. What makes Pomona beers taste so damn good? There is a secret ingredient, but we’ll never tell.”

Slightly mysterious there. And indeed there isn’t a full ingredients list on this beer, just the allergens which are barley, oats, and wheat. They’ve given us the hops. Maybe they’re using a special kind of yeast? Because I can’t think what else this secret ingredient could possibly be.

On opening the can, I’m relieved and perhaps just a little disappointed that the beer itself isn’t actually green. It’s a pale orange, just translucent enough to let the scantest bit of light through, giving it a pearlescent appearance.

The aroma is orange-led, juice and blossom, with an underlying wet grass dankness. On the palate there’s more of that orange blossom, evolving into a perfumed orange oil followed by green, grassy, hop notes. The finish is sweet, like orange candy.

What I like most about this beer, however, is the texture. The mouthfeel is satisfying, those wheat and barley additions bringing in a lot of unfermentable sugars to boost the thickness.

All in all a very good beer, one I’d happily drink two or three more of. I’m not sure what the secret ingredient is, but honestly, with a beer this good, I’m not sure I care.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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