Vocation, Showcase Selection part 1

I’ve recently come into possession of Vocation’s 440ml Showcase Selection, which makes me a very happy reviewer indeed. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be tasting and reviewing the beers in that pack – starting with three different kinds of IPA. All three beers are vegan; Heart & Soul is also gluten-free.

Few things make me happier than a full beer fridge. And yet few things stress me out more than scouring shelves or online shops when stocking up. Deciding what beers to pick and which I’ll end up leaving behind is an arduous process.

Fortunately, selection boxes solve this problem for me. I get a pile of different beers delivered to my door and I only have to make one decision instead of sixteen. And at £3.12 per 440ml can including delivery, Vocation’s Selection Showcase is pretty good value for money too. What’s not to like?

Heart and Soul is gluten-free and, at 4.4% ABV, manageable over a session. It’s oddly bready for a beer without gluten, but that malty sweetness supports a host of tropical fruit flavours. If you’re coeliac and you’re fed up of gluten-free Moretti, this could be the beer for you.

Love and Hate is a New England IPA, so a thick, luxurious mouthfeel and oodles of orange flavour are par for the course. What makes this beer a little different is the resinous bitterness, giving it a hint of the West coast IPA as well.

Finally, we round off with Smash and Grab. A double IPA, I picked this up expecting a tonne of delicious hoppy flavour – and I was right. Strong, flavoursome, and complex enough to enjoy on its own or even with a friend – if you can bear to share it.

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