Video! Honest Brew subscription

In normal times, few things beat visiting a brewery to try out some exciting new beers. But with taprooms across the country shut due to lockdown, we’ve had to find other ways to scratch that fresh beer itch. A myriad of beer subscription and delivery services have sprung up to fill the gap. Are they any good? Which are the best? I hope to be able to help answer these questions as I give each one a try.

This time I’ve picked up a box from Honest Brew. Membership starts from £10 per month, which you can use to buy discounted beers on their website. As part of a promotional deal, I managed to pick up six beers for just £13.99 – around £2.33 per beer.

So, is Honest Brew any good? Your mileage may vary.

If you’re already a die hard beer nerd, this probably isn’t the beer subscription for you – realistically, there isn’t a beer subscription for you. If you enjoy seeking out new breweries and already have a good idea of what kinds of beers you’re looking for, you have no need for this kind of service anyway.

If you’re a craft beer novice who’s just decided to branch out from buying crates of Heineken, Honest Brew membership probably isn’t for you either. The beer selection isn’t enormous, but it’s big enough to feel overwhelming. You’d probably be better off with a service that picks out beers for you – either to a different theme each week like with Beer 52, or a selection of styles you already know you enjoy.

But what if you’re somewhere in the middle? You have a pretty good idea of what supermarket craft beers you like, and you’re wondering where to go from there? In that situation, Honest Brew is probably a pretty good shout. It’s a bit cheaper than going to a specialist bottle shop and the selection is good enough to keep you busy.

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