Pressure Drop, Slumber

Slumber by Pressure Drop is a dark, thick, vanilla and coffee stout. The thick mouthfeel and sweet flavour hide a powerful, bittersweet coffee flavour and a moderately terrifying amount of alcohol. Slumber contains gluten and is not suitable for vegans.

Normally my partner only talks to me about beer when she’s telling me to drink less of it. So when she comes home with a fresh can of beer for me to try I know something is up. In this instance, it doesn’t take long to work out her motives.

“Affogato stout?”


“You want half of this, don’t you?”


Pressure Drop Slumber affogato stout beer
“It’s because I’m learning Italian!” she protests, unconvincingly

Slumber pours deep, thick and black. The bubbles rise languorously through what is very clearly a thick, chewy body. The aroma is toasty and rich, like espresso roasted coffee. No Starbucks rubbish here, however. This is the dark, almost burnt-tasting espresso you get after a hearty meal in an Italian restaurant. There’s a little vanilla and cream on the nose too, hinting at the decadent flavours still to come.

The mouthfeel, as expected, is thicc with two ‘c’s. So thick, in fact, that it takes a moment or two to really appreciate the flavour profile: cream first, then vanilla. Only after that does the richness and roastiness of the coffee come through. It’s sweet and a little boozy, though less than you’d expect from a beer weighing in at 10.0% ABV.

As a rule, it’s normally safe to pay little heed to the exact dessert referenced on a dessert stout’s label. Slumber would appear to be an exception. Drinking this beer is like drinking an affogato – admittedly one that’s been well blended, but an affogato nonetheless. An excellent disgetivo, and a damn good beer too.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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