Boxcar, Massless Fields

Massless Fields is a small batch DIPA from East London brewery Boxcar. Perfect for indulging your inner hazebro, it’s thick both in texture and with tropical fruit flavours with a boozy warmth and a satisfying, syrupy finish. An excellent beer if you manage to find one but you’d better be quick – they won’t be brewing another quite like it. Massless Fields is vegan-friendly.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s no longer enough just to drink a beer. Long ago, the beer experience diversified from being focused purely on getting into your mouth to incorporating a heavy dose of social media. If your beer choice isn’t documented on Instagram, Twitter, and Untappd, did you ever really drink it at all?

Scrolling through my feed on an otherwise uninspiring Friday morning I came across this post. A new special from a trendy local brewery is worth far more than the beer itself. This is something valuable. This could win me some clout.

What social media clout actually is remains unclear to me. I just know that I’m supposed to want it, and Massless Fields could be my ticket to get some.

Remember it’s Massless, not maskless

This beer is thick. Completely opaque, its consistency is closer to orange or mango juice than what I’m used to from beer. I’ve never actually met a haze bro, but from the memes I gather this is precisely the sort of beer they covet.

My nose is assaulted by juicy stone fruits: apricot first, then mango. Beyond that initial hit lie some subtler aromas of passion fruit and strawberry. “It smells like beer,” sniffs my partner, before returning to her dinner.

Those fruity flavours persist on the palate but they’re brought together with a rich, warming booziness. Those tropical notes find balance alongside greener touches: cucumber, melon. The mouthfeel is as thick and chewy as you’d expect from looking at it. My partner appreciates the taste, but is less enthused. “While you drink that I’m going to text my ex,” she says.

The finish is boozy, warm, syrupy. The warmth is extremely satisfying. While the tropical flavours are at odds with the autumnal cold and rain, that warmth brings everything together in a delicious, toasty package. My partner has left the room at this point, which I’m not entirely upset about. All the more Massless Fields for me.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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