Siren, Lumina

Lumina is Siren’s new session IPA, boasting juicy, tropical fruit flavours and a thick, oaty mouthfeel. It’s a good addition to the lineup and great for cooling down on a hot summer evening. But you’re better off with their stronger beers if you want something more flavoursome. Vegan and gluten-free. 3/5

I’ve written about Siren on this blog before: their Broken Dream breakfast stout snagged the top prize at the Champion Beer of Britain awards in 2018 (though it wasn’t the winner of those I tasted).

Their flagship lineup offers the full range of light, hoppy beers like Soundwave through to chewy, flavoursome stouts like Broken Dream. Most of these beers are well over 5%, however. For a long time, Siren hasn’t produced a session beer. That is, until now.

Siren Lumina beer cans and pint glass
And yes, I opened two cans to get a shot of the full pint glass. Don’t @ me

Lumina has been a long time coming, but to be fair, Siren has clearly been experimenting for a long time to get this right. The malt bill is simple enough: Maris Otter with a smattering of oats for body. The hop additions are where things get more serious: Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic, Chinook, Azacca, and Eukanot. This beer may be light, but they haven’t gone light on the hops.

Lumina pours slightly cloudy and very pale. It almost looks thin: refreshing, if we’re being kind, watery if we’re being overly critical.

Pineapple, peach, and mango sherbet aromas lead on the nose, light and fresh. It’s a little grassy, making it even more refreshing. The flavour is subtle and balanced, finessing sharp bitterness against oaty smoothness and hints of lemon. The mouthfeel is smooth, rather than “pillowy” as described on the can. It’s really light, again, perhaps a little watery.

This is all personal taste, however. Yes, you could make this into a phenomenal beer if it were 6 or 7 %, but the whole point is that this is a session. On that basis, they’ve managed to pack a fair bit of flavour into just 4.2%.

3/5 – a decent beer that I’d be happy to drink all evening, but I wouldn’t rush across town for a pint.

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