Villages, Rafiki

Even confined to my flat, I’m still exploring. For while I’m limited to just one outing per day for my daily ration of exercise, there’s no limit to how many breweries and pubs I can stalk on Instagram.

In doing so I stumbled across south London brewers Villages. Founded just four years ago by the unusually named Village brothers, their latest project, Isolation IPA, raises money for the National Emergencies Trust. That’s on top of their regular offering: Rodeo, a citrussy, floral pale and and Whistle, a crisp, unfiltered pilsner.

Today, however, I’m on my third pub quiz of the week and need something juicy for the session. So here we have Rafiki, Villages’ session IPA.


A can of Villages Rafiki session IPA

Rafiki looks startlingly orange and clear, somewhere on the spectrum between Magners and Irn Bru. By contrast, the aroma is green: grassy and piney with hints of caramel. On tasting I’m treated to a light but bitter palate. There’s a grain malt base to the flavour supporting notes of pine resin and grapefruit rind.

This is definitely a session. It’s light, both in body and the flavour profile. But it still manages to balance some big, punchy flavours against one another in skilful harmony: grainy, toffee sweetness facing up to grapefruit bitterness.

A lovely, lingering bitterness on the finish leaves me reaching for another sip. At any other time, I’d recommend checking out Villages Brewery and giving this beer a try. Right now though? Get yourself over to their website and check out Isolation IPA. Whether it’s from the beer or the good deed, it’s sure to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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