Boxcar, Best Bitter

On any normal day I’m a huge fan of the Boxcar brewery taproom. It’s a pleasant environment – for a railway arch it’s incredibly spacious and airy, the staff are friendly and helpful, and there’s always a new, freshly brewed beer to try on tap.

Visiting Boxcar is no longer an option while we adjust to life in lockdown. Fortunately for me, the brewery is still open for online orders – which means until I inevitably drink them dry, I can still get my fix of their Best Bitter.


This collaboration with Gloucestershire’s Mills Brewing pours a pale, clear amber with a thick, foamy head. The aroma is incredible, a wall of rich malt and gently spiced ginger biscuits. There’s darker, nuttier notes on the palate, rounding off into a gently gingery finish.

A couple of weeks ago, when you could still go for a walk without the police tracking you down with camera drones, I took my dad to the Boxcar taproom and excitedly offered him up a pint of this beer.

It was a simpler, airier time

I can confirm that, on that happy day we’re no longer grounded like naughty children, draft is the best way to enjoy this Best Bitter. 4/5

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