Beer review – Garage x Temescal, Beyond Repair

I like to think I’m pretty good at looking after myself. I eat mostly vegetables, drink a lot of water, use sunscreen every day and will even drag myself out on a run every once in a while. What a shame that I ruin all that hard work with beer. In this instance, I’m cracking open this collab immediately after finishing a run around the park.

Once again, I’m in love with the simple but striking labels Garage consistently comes out with. It’s not quite as impactful as the nipples they showed off in their collaboration with Other Half, but it’s not bad.

Remember, if you wrap your face in aluminium foil you should avoid putting it in the microwave

Beyond Repair is pale orange and cloudy. You remember when you were ill as a child and your mum made you drink lemon barley water? It reminds me of that. Or perhaps just orange juice mixed with lemonade.

The aroma is citrussy (hello, Citra), with passion fruit, pineapple, and a hint of green vegetal funk lying beneath.

I know I said earlier it looks a bit like orange juice mixed with lemonade, but…it kind of tastes a bit like that too. It’s creamy once you get past the carbonation; oaty, carrying just the barest whisper of pale malt. The finish is hoppy, bitter and astringent.

It might be that I’ve just finished a run, but I’m definitely enjoying this beer. As a treat to round off a spot of cardio, beer that looks and tastes a bit like Lucozade isn’t such a bad idea. There’s enough going on to make it interesting, without being overpowering or too aggressive. And at 4.5%, it’s an IPA at a strength I feel like I could drink all night.

What’s stopping me from drinking it all night is the price – the strength might be session, but at over £5 a can the price certainly isn’t. Still, a nice easy way to start the evening. 3/5

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