Beer review – Wild Card, Cherry Gose

My partner thinks beer tastes of soap.

Now, clearly you can’t expect total overlap of interests in a relationship. I can think of few things worse than dating a clone of myself (even though he’d be devastatingly handsome). But I am a moderately boring person, and if you strip away the love for beer there isn’t a great deal left. For whatever reason, however, my partner cares about me enough to a) stick around, b) put up with me traipsing around London looking for new beers, and c) take me on a surprise trip to Can Fest.

Admittedly, Can Fest was part of the London Design Festival going on in the same neighbourhood, so she may have had an ulterior motive.

Wild Card, Cherry Gose

Given we’re at the London Design Festival, it’s surely a given that the cans we’re perusing today reflect the pinnacle of modern graphic design. Which means the pinnacle of design right now can be best described as “camp vaporwave”.

I adore the can.

Speaking of, that’s where we start with this gose’s appearance. Bright ruby red, clear, and appetising.

The Cherry Gose smells of cherries, unsurprisingly, but less strong than I’d expected. There’s also notes of cloudy lemonade and wheat.

On the palate a first hit of sweet, ruby cherries swiftly gets taken over by gose sourness. Then the sour flavours fade and we get another burst of cherry before noticing the salt. The finish is briney cherry juice, almost like a mix of two different cocktails.

It’s delightful, refreshing, and interesting. Most importantly, perhaps, my partner doesn’t think it tastes like soap.


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