Beer review – Northern Monk x Evil Twin, Even More Death

It’s not often I announce this to such a large audience, but perhaps I’ve been a little premature.

Perusing the shelves at my local bottle shop, I spotted two names that filled me with excitement. Of the many beautiful beers of Instagram, those made by Northern Monk are often among the prettiest. And I’ve heard such good things about Evil Twin it would be criminal not to try something from them. A collab? How could I resist?

Ladies and gentlemen, I blew my load too soon. I tasted Even More Death without having sampled Death, the Northern Monk original. I can only apologise, and make a beeline back to Burger and Beer to buy a bottle (or can, if the alliteration authorities allow).

It’s an evil-looking bastard

Even More Death pours a deep, coffee black. That dark toffee head is remarkably persistent, the consistency gloopy, almost like pouring hot molasses. At 12% ABV, I’m not surprised.

The aroma is intensely chocolatey, backed up with notes of toffee and roasted oats. It’s warming, rich, and sweet, a delight to sniff. It’s pretty great on the palate too, smooth and coconut sweet. There are hints of chocolate syrup and caramel; a little savouriness too, soy sauce. This beer is dangerously drinkable. It does not taste like it’s 12%.

Molasses linger on the tongue long after the beer has gone, along with a gentle, warm roastiness.

As my partner delicately put it, this is a beer that “smacks you on all four cheeks”. That’s not through its alcoholic strength alone, but by the sheer intensity of chocolatey, coconutty flavours it carries. Despite all that intensity, Even More Death is deceptively drinkable and beautifully balanced. I’m looking forward to comparing it to the original. 4/5

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