Beers of Japan – part 7, Hiroshima

I came to Hiroshima not just to reflect on Japan’s poignant history, but also to check out its excellent reputation for food. And you know what? I was impressed. Not by the quality of its oysters, or its spicy noodles, or its pork and cabbage pancakes, however. I was impressed by a man I met at a craft beer taproom who consumed his burger top to bottom.

This chap started off eating just the top bun on its own, followed by the lettuce (one leaf at a time), tomato, and so on. He was forced to eat the cheese slice and the burger patty at the same time, sadly, as they’d melted together, but blimey he gave the enterprise a good try.

I am assured this is not some strange Hiroshima tradition, and the man I saw was just odd.

Uchu Brewing, Milky Way IPA 7.0%

Billed as a hazy IPA, this has all the characteristics you’d expect of a NEIPA: completely opaque, juicy and sweet, with any hint of bitterness crushed by either fermentation or wheat.

Eagle-eyed and Japanese-speaking readers can check my thoughts against the notes behind

Milky Way is hazy to the extreme, with the appearance of low pulp orange juice. The nose is a punchy peach pong, propped up by pineapple and passion fruit.

On the palate it’s fruity and sweet. A touch of what might have been trying to be bitterness is soon quashed. Milky and smooth in texture, this beer is all about pineapple and peach flavours.

The aroma and flavour profile are a bit basic, but I’m still enjoying it. 3/5

Shonan Beer, Green Tea IPA 6.0%

I’ve decided the name on the menu is probably a typo but hey, you never know.

Let’s also assume this is not a porter, as the menu claims

Pale gold and mostly clear, the nose on this Green Tea IPA is grassy and fresh. Almost like green tea, one might say.

Apples come through on the tongue, softly, but the flavour here is thin and weedy. There’s none of that green tea promised by the name or the aroma, sadly. There’s a slight astringency on the finish, the sort you’d get from sipping on a cuppa that’s steeped for too long.

There’s definitely some elements of green tea hiding in this beer. It’s just a shame they’ve only managed to pick out the unpleasant ones. 1/5

Minoh Beer, Stout 5.0%

IMG_9082 (2)
My camera had a very hard time focusing on this, for some reason

This descriptively named stout looks quite like a stout. Dry, burnt coffee hits first on the nose, while on the tongue it’s nutty and smooth. Those coffee flavours return after a few seconds, then a fruity cola sweetness lingering on the finish. 2/5

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