Beer review – Brewdog cans

There are some millennials out there who will never be able to buy a home. They’re too concerned with keeping up with the latest fashions to save, whine previous generations. All their money goes on iPhones, backpacking holidays and avocado toast.

Not me though. I’m spending all my money on beer.

And no wonder – just when you think you’ve got a brewer all figured out, they email you with a selection of their latest new cans and free delivery. It would be irresponsible not to tuck in.

Which is why I find myself facing a selection of cans from Brewdog once more: Cybernaut, Electric India and Hazy Jane.

Cybernaut, 4.5%

I picked this one to drink first because it has the prettiest can. I do love a good gradient.

Light to dark teal? Inspiring.

Immediately upon cracking Cybernaut open the aroma hits you, a bit like one of those practical joke peanut tins with the snakes inside. It’s intensely hoppy, grassy, and slightly dank. Mosaic and simcoe dominate.

Then you get the chance to pour and remark on how much this beer looks like ripe peach flesh. It’s creamy, hazy and smooth, with a bright white head that clears over a few minutes.

Mango strikes first on the tongue, giving way to pineapple. There’s a hint of pine resin underpinning it all, but nothing over the top. The bubbles keep the bitterness at bay for a few seconds, then it gently washes over you like ripples on a pond. Ginger warms the palate on the finish.

At 4.5% this is at the high end of session territory, but with a good enough balance of flavours to keep me drinking long enough to struggle getting home. I’ll be coming back to this one. 4/5

Electric India, 5.2%

This beer obviously comes next, as it has the next prettiest can.

Another strong gradient

Electric India is pale gold in colour, but a little washed out. It looks a bit like it’s been watered down.

The aroma is honey spice and coriander seed. More of that coriander seed on the tongue, with some white pepper. It’s weirdly light, not watery as such, but airy perhaps? The bubbles are a little too much, making it difficult to actually taste the beer. Honey spice returns to join some hop bitterness for the finish.

It’s a pretty enough can, but beyond that there’s not a lot for me to love about this beer. 2/5

Hazy Jane, 7.2%

I’m not such a fan of the grungy can design compared to the other two, but they say beauty is only tin deep.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Again, we have that hazy, opaque appearance, though more like marmalade than the peach of Electric India. The head, pure white, fades away quickly.

I’m taken aback by just how fruity this beer smells. It reminds me of my misspent youth, hiding behind the bike sheds huffing Um Bongo. Tropical fruits abound: pineapple, mango, orange. There’s a hint of hoppy dankness, but less prominent than the Cybernaut.

Jane’s surprisingly gentle on the tongue, smooth with a nice bit of fizz. There’s more mango and a bit of peach on the way down, with hints of pepper rounding off to an oaty sweetness.

This is a rather lovely beer. Given the similarity in styles and the higher alcohol content it feels like Cybernaut+, which is no bad thing: similar, but good in different ways. 4/5

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