Beer Review – Theakston, Old Peculier

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a hunt. You’ll wander countless streets, scouring every off-licence and supermarket you find looking for something fresh, fruity, hoppy, rich, malty, or just something a bit different.

Other times you can’t be arsed, and you just want to grab a reliably good beer at the end of your grocery shop. Earlier today was one of those times. Old Peculier was Old Reliable.

See? I own books. I can read.

A dark, chunky Yorkshire ale, Old Peculier looks, smells, and even tastes a little like a boozy cola drink. There’s more to it than that, though – plums and wood smoke on the nose; dark, roasty malts on the palate. It’s warming and comforting, a trusty companion on a cold winter afternoon. Whether or not you’re wrapped up in a blanket watching A Christmas Prince 2: Royal Wedding at the time.

Old Peculier isn’t perfect: it’s a friend. And in many ways, that’s better. 4/5

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