Pub Float – Lady of the Lake, Oulton Broads

Not every pub can be perfect.

That’s not a problem. The excitement of not knowing whether the new pub you’ve just walked into will be fantastic or merely ordinary is the second best part about going there (after drinking). Having access to a wide, rich variety of pubs means there’s something for every taste and personality. And occasionally walking into a Greene King pub by accident can make you really appreciate how much better other pubs are.

Some pubs, however, are objectively hellish. The Lady of the Lake was one such pub.

Lady of the Lake exterior
I swear it looked more promising the night before

Moored up at Oulton Broads, we have the choice of The Wherry (large, fancy, expensive) and the aforementioned Lady. We’ve not tried it out before, so “why not?” we think. “How bad could it be?”

There’s two ales on tap: Greene King IPA and Southwold Bitter. I order the latter: it is stale, flat and flavourless, barely recognisable.  Some of our colleagues err on the side of caution and order Peronis, hoping that this will be better kept. This proves to be an enormous error. The lager reeks of eggy flatulence. We are all jealous of our friend who ordered a bottle.

The Lady’s one redeeming feature? If you venture left of the bar you’ll find a weary old games room, where you can while away the hours speculating over the origins of the gigantic stain on the pool table.

Our pint glasses are still half full when we cut our losses and move on to the next pub. This lady is one to avoid. 1/5

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