Beer Review – First Call, Badger

It’s not been that long since I last reviewed a beer by Badger, and yet here I am again. Something about that monochromatic beastie keeps drawing me in for more.

Please excuse the unmade bed; it doubles as a wardrobe when I’m not sleeping.

First Call is a rusty brown in colour with a thick, lingering head. Peering into the glass, there’s the slightest hint of effervescence, which helps spread the smell of malt and orange zest. So far, so good, I think to myself.

And that must have been my mistake. Because whenever anyone thinks to themselves “so far, so good”, it’s a fundamental certainty that something’s going to come along and ruin whatever it is that’s been going pretty well so far. In this case, it was First Call’s flavour to blame. More precisely, the lack of it.

There’s a little body to it – some crystal malt or something there to thicken the texture and coat the tongue, but there’s almost nothing in the way of flavour to back it up. I finished the bottle and felt empty and unsatisfied. It’s a bit like popcorn: smells great, but tastes of nothing and after you finish the bag you’re hungrier than when you started.

Not Badger’s best beer by a long shot. 1/5

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