Pub Review – The Three Crowns, Shoreditch

Given its reputation as the place where all the coolest kids hang out, I rarely find myself drawn to Shoreditch. However, on the rare occasion that I’m invited to a sustainability themed restaurant where the bar is made of yoghurt pots and the plates are made from carrier bags, that’s inevitably where I’ll end up. And of course before dining at an early episode of Blue Peter, it’s necessary to sink a few pints.

My drinking buddy pictured outside. “I love getting my guest spot on your blog that I always read”

Enter The Three Crowns – a pleasing mix of old fashioned and new a short walk from Old Street station. The atmosphere hits you the moment you walk in: this is a wonderfully friendly pub. The barman, who looks like an English version of Charlie Day of Always Sunny fame, is merrily greeting us and asking about our days before we’ve even figured out which way is up.

On the quiet Thursday we visited there were three ales on tap – five when fully stocked, I’m told – plus plenty more keg beers to choose from. I went with the most local looking ale on the bar.

Beer notes: Hackney Best Bitter

The label may say best bitter, but this ale tastes and feels more like a mild. Darker malt gives it a chunky, sticky mouthfeel but doesn’t offer much in the way of flavour – a little toast, but that’s it. It’s alright, but I wouldn’t have another. 2/5

Or you may prefer my drinking companion’s review: “Tastes like beer, and it’s a bit warm.”

The home printed label and ABV written in biro only add to the charm.

The Three Crowns offers a warm welcome, decent (apparently also warm) beer, and a handy place to sup on ale before heading off to eat extremely fancy leftovers. If I ever become cool enough to return to Shoreditch, I’ll be sure to stop by for a round, but only on my way to something more exciting. 3/5

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