Brewer in Focus: Titanic

I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole shelf dedicated to just the one brewery when I popped into my local off licence. At last, a multi-buy deal not restricted to Fullers and Sharp’s!

Armed with four bottles of this new beer (and several more bottles to get me through the week, I made it my business to understand what makes this brewer tick.

With a name like Titanic, we can only hope they go down well.

White Star

White Star is a golden ale, named for the company that operated the RMS Titanic on its partial trans-Atlantic voyage. It is satisfyingly golden in colour, but smells darker than it looks: there’s a bit of roasted grain, perhaps even coffee, and a hint of rubber in there. The mouthfeel is thicker than I expected too. Is there wheat in this beer? There is wheat in this beer.

titanic white star
Fuck you coeliacs, I guess

The initial malt flavour quickly gives way to a hoppy bitterness, with hints of peach and strawberry. The bitterness builds as I work my way through the bottle. It’s not bad, definitely worth a try. 3/5


This one is lighter than the White Star, more bitter (writing “bitterer” just feels wrong, even if there’s no wiggly red line underneath), yet still not as bitter as most American Pale Ales I’ve come across. Thick mouthfeel, again due to wheat. It’s appley and peachy too, more up front about it than the White Star. With both this and the White Star I’m reminded of Badger’s Golden Champion.

One thing I am liking about these beers so far is the little stories about the Titanic on the back. It’s a fun theme. You know, aside from the thousands of people who died.

Iceberg is fine, but not great. Less flavour than I would have liked. 2/5

Plum Porter

This beer is plummy, surprisingly, as it contains “natural plum flavour”. I can only assume that’s plum juice, but the way they’ve worded it makes me extremely suspicious.

It’s also dark and a little smoky, with bitterness throughout. It’s balanced, unlike the similarly plummy Poacher’s Choice (wow, I am all about the Badger comparisons today). The Goldings hit fairly early on, so there’s a mix of fruity sweetness and hoppy bitterness throughout.

Titanic Plum Porter
I like my beers how I like my men – liquid and poured carefully into a glass.

Objectively it’s a better balanced beer than Poacher’s Choice. So why don’t I like it better than Poacher’s Choice? Possibly emotional connections, but I think it’s just that this beer isn’t enough of anything to be really exciting. It’s too balanced, and as a result, not bold enough. 3/5

Capt. Smith’s

This is described as a strong ale, which is perhaps overstating it a little for something sitting at 5.2% – though I’m assured strong is a style, not just an adjective for the alcohol content. It’s very, very red in colour, but filled with a malty sweetness. It’s a bit like drinking a cup of tea with digestive biscuits all dissolved through it, and with a hint of orange zest grated over the top.

I actually really enjoyed this beer. It’s thick, again with the wheat, but this time it works with the flavours presented. 4/5


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