Beer Review – Old Tom, Robinsons

“Best beer in the world”. Immediately I’m suspicious and looking for ways to knock this beer down off its self-crafted pedestal. Robinsons brewery is cruising for a brewsing, and I’m going to give it to them.

Fair cop to these guys though: they’re in with a better chance than Heineken. No amount of “probably”s can save you there, fellas – there’s literally no justification for claiming you’re the best beer in the world.

Old Tom beer
Served in a pint glass to highlight how little there is

Old Tom is 8.5% alcohol. That’s not a great start. Why? Because if it’s the best beer in the world, I can drink ten of them in one night. They’ve tried to offset that by making the bottle smaller than standard. I’m already annoyed that beer in the UK is sold in 500ml bottles rather than pints (how dare brewers cheat me out of the last 168ml?) but the trend towards even smaller bottles has me even more riled.

Dark in colour, like chocolate with a ruby hint to it when held to the light. It smells like cherries and smoke. Tom tastes like cherry at first, then smokey, then finishes with a wave of chocolatey bitterness.

It’s a lot like Old Peculier, to be honest. And you can get that for a pound a bottle AND it’s a bigger bottle.

Is Old Tom a good beer? Sure. Is it the best beer in the world? I’m yet to be convinced. 4/5

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