Beer Review – Guinness Golden Ale

Guinness Golden Ale. It’s Guinness, except not.

I’m actually expecting something pretty good here. Guinness may be mass produced – the Guinness brewery in Ireland is the largest brewer of stout in the world – but in spite of that it’s still a pretty good beer. They clearly know what they’re doing over in Dublin, so I should be onto a good thing with this alternative brew.

It’s not really golden, more a deep copper in colour, but I can forgive the inaccurate metallurgy as attempted alliteration. No head to speak of, unlike its darker cousin, though it’s pretty lively. The aroma is slightly metallic, with syrupy sweetness underneath. There’s some kind of wildflower aroma as well. It’s like the floral scent you get on honey (though obviously less strong than Waggledance).

Guinness Golden Ale feels strange in the mouth. There’s clearly some weight to it (coming from the same Irish barley they use for the dark stuff) but it’s not backed up by any creaminess. It feels like “Guinness, but thinner”. Diet Guinness.

Taste is like digestive biscuits, with more of those honey-like florals, and a hint of coffee or bitter chocolate underneath it all.

The bottle claims it has a crisp aftertaste, and there I think I’ve identified this beer’s problem. It’s not a crisp aftertaste – it’s a crisp midtaste. Guinness Golden Ale just finishes too early (sadly, I can relate).

2/5. Good as a novelty, but Guinness’s stout stands up on its own merits in a way this beer just doesn’t.

I forgot to take a picture of the beer, so instead you get a selfie in the Wiltshire countryside.

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