Beer Review – Get Schwifty, London Beer Lab

With episode 2 of the third season nowhere to be found, Rick and Morty fans have had to get creative. So I found myself back at the London Beer Lab to try out their themed concoction – Get Schwifty.
And what a concoction it is. At 10.5%, it’s strong enough to compete in strength with a lot of wines. Fortunately it’s only served by the half pint, otherwise I’d have been half-cut by lunchtime. I’m sure Rick would approve.
Get Schwifty, London Beer Lab
It pours a dark straw in colour, and very cloudy. I’m reminded somewhat of an unhealthy looking urine sample. Again, I’m sure Rick would approve.
The aroma is fruity, the taste even more so. It’s filled with notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, and ginger. I’m told it’s a little spicier and harsher than previous batches due to the recent hot weather, but that certainly doesn’t do it any harm. Aftertaste is a little bitter, but not overly so. In all, a lovely half-pint.
4/5, would take off my pants and panties and shit on the floor.

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