Beer Review – Fruli

We’ve come a long way from insisting that beer only contains water, malted barley, yeast and hops. In this case, perhaps a little too far.

Most of the time when you hear a pretentious idiot reviewing a beer (who, me?) they’ll talk about various fruity flavours. Perhaps there’s a citrussy aroma, or there’s a hint of passion fruit on the after taste. It’s true, you can get nice fruity flavours from hops and from by products of yeast metabolism. But this…this is something else.

Fruli beer
Beer or the world’s least healthy urine sample? You decide (because I couldn’t)

Fruli is roughly the colour of beetroot juice. Apparently this is also the colour you get when you mix 70% Belgian wheat beer with 30% strawberries. It also has added fructose. You know, in case the addition of 30% strawberry wasn’t sweet enough.

There’s not a lot to say about the aroma, other than that it’s sickly and overpowering. I had to leave the room to fetch my phone, and across the corridor in the kitchen I could still smell the sticky strawberry smell over the odour of whatever bizarre cabbage concoction my housemates were cooking. Inhaling deeply over the beer itself, I detect a hint of wheat and a crapton more strawberry.

This was never going to be a subtle beer.

And as for the taste…well, you can probably guess by now where I’m going with this. It feels like two strawberries met, fell in love, and retired for an energetic night of passion on my tongue. The alcohol content is the only thing separating this drink from a special edition of Ribena.

And that’s when I realise – this is the source. All those fruity ciders and their spinoffs had to originate somewhere. Rekorderlig, Kopparberg, Strongbow Dark Fruit…all those sticky, waste-of-a-good-bottle beverages my sister enjoys on a night out owe their provenance to this.

I’m tempted to destroy the bottle as vengeance, but Fruli will have the last laugh. I’ve brushed my teeth twice since and still can’t get the taste off my tongue. 1/5

If you’re not like me and fruity bullshit beer is your thing, you can recreate it at home with this handy kit.

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