Pub Review – The Four Thieves (downstairs)

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a pub. Honestly, that’s because these days I tend only to visit new pubs on dates. Perhaps it’s the date going so well (nope), or maybe it’s just that I got too drunk (yep), but one way or another I’ve not been in a position to review most of the new pubs I’ve visited.

Fortunately, there’s one pub that has managed to stick in my mind despite the charming lady accompanying me and the numerous drinks we consumed.

The Four Thieves exterior
It’s more memorable inside, I promise

The Four Thieves is more than just a pub. They brew a range of their own beers on site, as well as serving up offerings from their sister brewery down the road. On this particular Monday evening, there were six or seven ales on tap to choose from ranging from light and hoppy IPAs to a dark and bitter IPA. Hey, it’s a hipster pub in south London. Of course they’re all IPAs.

Despite this, there’s an impressive variety of drinks on offer, a beautiful patio garden out the back, and some fun old brewing machinery inside to goggle over when the date conversation runs dry (we ended up heading out to the garden to stop me getting distracted).

More intriguingly, perhaps, is upstairs. I’m going to tackle the upstairs of Four Thieves in a separate review, simply because it’s such a different experience. In my half hour journey trying to work out where the toilets were located, I wandered through what seemed to be an entire fairground with skee ball, coconut shies, and the very traditional virtual reality climbing wall.

Four Thieves upstairs
No, I wasn’t kidding.

On the basis of just the pub downstairs, The Four Thieves earns a very respectable 4/5. I’ll return on another occasion to rank the arcade upstairs…

The Four Thieves is located at 51 Lavender Gardens, a ten minute walk from Clapham Junction station. You can find out more about them at

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