Beer Review – Rye Pale Ale, Shipyard

This isn’t just any pale ale. It’s a rye beer. A RyePA, if you will. Continuing my efforts to broaden my beer horizons, I’ve moved from honey to malted rye.

Rye Pale Ale
The significance of the bear is lost on me

RyePA isn’t all that pale, in spite of the name – it pours a gorgeous ruby red with a creamy head. The aroma is overpowering, fruity and sweet. It’s not often I come across a beer that smells like a pornstar martini, but Shipyard have managed it here.

Despite the heavily hoppy smell, it’s hardly bitter on the tongue at all. The rye comes through as a spicy warmth under the fruity hop flavours and light effervescence. I immediately want to take another sip. Further thought and tasting leads me to suspect there might also be hints of Marmite in there, but I suspect my taste buds are playing tricks on me.

Shipyard’s Rye Pale Ale is a delightful balance of fruit and malt. 4/5, would have another three or four bottles.

If you’d like to taste Rye Pale Ale for yourself, you can buy it in Morrisons or through the link here

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