Beer review – Toast Pale Ale

This beer has its ups and downs. On the up side, it was very tasty and helps address the problem of systemic food waste within the food and grocery industries. On the down side, I’ve had to endure the exact same conversation with all four of my friends:

L: “The other day I drank a beer made with bread.”
Friend: “What, you mean beer with bread soaked in it?”
L: “No, I mean leftover bread was used as one of the sugar sources for the yeast. It’s interesting, because the yeast…”
L: “They already made that joke.”
Friend: “…what?”
L: “The beer is called Toast.”
Friend: “…right. I’m still really funny though.”

Or something like that.

Apparently 44% of bread baked in the UK every day is wasted. Some might say the solution is to bake less bread, but other disagree and think we should turn it into beer instead. I think we all know what the right choice is here.

Toast ale
Yes, and they made the purebread joke as well. Comedy gold.


Toast is very clear, surprising given its ingredients. Colour is pale amber. Not much activity or head. It smells of grapefruit and a little bit of sake.

The taste is well balanced, with grapefruit and strawberry coming through stronger but enough caramel, toasty (ugh, yes, I know) malt to back it up. It’s hardly bitter at all. There’s a round softness to the mouthfeel, making me suspect there’s some wheat in there too. We have a brewer of many talents.

Toast is a decent beer on its own merits, but the principle behind it is a great one. On that basis and on its own quality, 5/5.

Find out more at or @toastale on Twitter.

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