Pub(?) review – London Beer Lab

Is this a pub review, really? London Beer Lab features in the Good Beer Guide as one, and you can certainly order a range of real ales and craft lagers from the bar.

But LBL is more than that – I wasn’t just here with my dad to drink shocking quantities of beer (that would come later in the day). I was here to brew.

London Beer Lab front
We have yet to find a finer use for a railway arch.

We rocked up at 10 in the morning, described to Brewmaster Nat the type of beer we wanted to create, and as if by magic he produced the exact recipe we would need (I was later told this was not magic, in fact, but a computer behind the bar running Brewsmith. In my heart of hearts, I feel like this should still count as magic).

Armed with this, we trooped upstairs to begin mashing our grain, sparging our grist, and hopping our wort. In the time it took me to argue with my dad over whether Nat was making up these words as a practical joke, our beer was sloshing gently around a fermenting bucket and ready to go. It’s probably the fastest five hours I’ve ever spent, which goes to show how much fun it all was.

The time may also have flown past as a result of the beer we drank while mixing our own wort together. LBL offers a tasting flight of five beers for £6, which I gladly took advantage of. The brews on offer ranged from ultra hoppy American pale ales to whisky infused Imperial stout, with just about everything in between. With 14 beers on tap to chose from and around a hundred more in bottles, there’s enough here to keep even my dad busy.

Beer tasting paddle
The tea-infused lager and smoky imperial stout were my personal favourites

It’s worth coming to LBL for the beer alone, but I’d absolutely recommend the brewing course as well for the full experience. 5/5

You can find out more about London Beer Lab and book courses at

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