Beer review – Ruby Rooster

85p. 85p!!! Screw your 3 for £5 deals, I can get 5 for £5 with change. Almost enough change for a sixth.
Rooster claims to be a “proud British classic” (explains why I found it in Lidl) using 100% British barley. I wonder how many other beers use 100% British barley. It seems like one of those things that everyone does, but doesn’t bother to brag about.
The label also boasts of the combination of Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malts. Chocolate malt is obvious enough – it makes beer chocolatey. We’ll have to taste it to see what else these ingredients bring.
I’m concerned that this is only number four…should I be drinking these beers in a certain order?
It’s a pretty nice bottle, too. They haven’t scrimped on the design, and that isn’t cheap.
This gets me thinking. The standard rate of alcohol duty on beer is £19.08 per hectolitre percent…so 19.2p per litre percent, which means…I tap feverishly on my pocket calculator and gasp. 72p of the cost of this beer is tax. I have paid 13p for beer and 72p in tax. What a time to be alive.
It’s ruby in colour, reassuringly enough. Cream head, that holds well even through the five minutes it takes me to craft my blog post introduction. Chocolate comes through heavily in the aroma, with a hint of bitterness as well.
The taste is…underwhelming. There’s a bit of chocolate there, a hint of what might be caramel. But mostly this beer tastes watered down. Understandable, given the low margins (or negative, most probably – I don’t see how they can brew and bottle anything for less than 12p a pop).
It’s with reluctance that I finish this beer, determined to get every last penny of value out of the beer that is 3.8% by volume but 85% by tax. It might be cheap, but it certainly isn’t good value. Beers like this one are a good argument for learning to brew your own. 1/5

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