Beer review – London Porter, Fuller’s

I like Fuller’s ales. For one reason or another, they always seem to come to me with some kind of story: London Pride was what my dad would order on his visit to “Daddy’s Favourite Shop”; ESB was in the storage warehouse a former work colleague once drove his car straight through. London Porter has no such stories for me yet, though I’m not ruling anything out in the future.

Following in what seems to be a common theme, Fuller’s have printed a series of helpful adjectives on the front of the bottle. London Porter claims to be “rich, dark, and complex”…just how I like my men.

London Porter bottle and beer
Best enjoyed with a side dish of tape measure

It’s a dark, espresso brown with a mocha head. Appropriately enough given the colour, it smells of coffee too. There’s notes of chocolate mixed in there, and a surprisingly floral twist. Perhaps the label wasn’t being entirely frivolous with its claims.

London Porter is intensely malty – as porters should be. There’s a lot of richness behind this one, with rounded coffee flavours to start and a dry finish. Clearly there’s at least a dash of hops in there, but it’s not bitter at all or overly sweet.

Is it complex? If so it’s lost on me. Still, a decent beer to enjoy to round off the night. 3/5

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