Beer Review – Golden Glory, Badger

(Not my first time reviewing a Badger beer – find more here)

I’m back at it again with the 3 for £5 deals, this time from Waitrose – it costs the same, but still feels fancier somehow. In fact, the beers here are all 500ml bottles rather than the 330ml tiddlers common in Tesco, so Waitrose actually offers better value for money. Sort it out, Tesco.

As is the way with Badger ales, Golden Glory comes with a warning emblazoned on the neck: SMOOTH PEACHY. At least I’m going in expecting something on the fruity side, and this time the warning makes some kind of sense. None of that plumage rubbish from before.


Golden Glory isn’t really all that golden in colour. It’s more of a light copper to be honest, perhaps amber at a push? The picture above is as gold as I could get it with the standard Google Photos manipulation settings, which is not especially gold. I guess “Copper Glory” didn’t have the same ring to it. Still, it shows a distinct lack of imagination when it comes to elemental metals for potential beer names. Maybe I should call my next brew Potassium Porter.

The aroma is, as promised, peachy, though it’s a little more than that – a hint of malt rounds it off so the smell isn’t overly sweet. It would probably make an excellent scented candle. Badger, if you’re ever struggling for new product ideas, hit me up.

The taste is honestly a bit strange. It’s certainly fruity: peachy at first, but then followed by waves of melon and apple. Throughout the fruitiness is dulled, savoured (as in “made savoury”, any better ideas on a verb for that?) by a very subtle layer of hops. There’s no real bitterness to it, it’s just enough to take away what would otherwise be excessive sweetness. Perhaps that might be an example of outstanding balance, but it’s quite unsettling to taste all those fruity flavours and for it not to be sweet, frankly.

Golden Glory is an excellent summer beer (good thing I’m drinking it in the sun outside, then). Good as an occasional treat when the weather’s nice, but not not sufficiently glorious for an everyday staple. 3/5

If you’d like to try Golden Glory for yourself, you can buy some here.

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