Beer Review – Jack Hammer, Brewdog

Once again, we turn to Tesco’s (other supermarkets are available) 3 for £5 deal to help sustain our drinking habit. This time, we encounter another offering from the prolific craft brewer Brewdog. I have a lot of respect for these guys – I may not always like the beer they make, but they’ve got a policy of publishing the recipes for every one of their brews, effectively making it open source. Good work, lads.

Onto Jackhammer. I like the name on this one. I get the impression this is what my head will feel like if I have too many of these, especially at 7.2%. It describes itself as “ruthless”, which might be a bit much. Don’t talk yourself up too much, beer. There are stronger ales out there.

Mr Hammer also claims it’s more bitter (bitterer doesn’t sound like it should be a real word, does it?) than the human tongue or nipple can detect. I’m no prude, but I feel extremely uncomfortable when a beer label refers to my nipples. They’re small and sensitive. I don’t need your judgement, Brewdog.

Aroma is citrussy, grapefruit. First sip is bitter. No surprises there, since that’s what the label announced as its selling point. Is it like “putting a bullet in my head” though? Nope. It’s ok. Fairly bitter, but not overpowering. It’s easy enough for me to detect some syrupy sweetness behind the hops, which is actually pretty good.

This beer isn’t nearly as exciting as it claims to be, but frankly, that’s a good thing. Not one I’d go out to buy specifically, but definitely worth a try if you have two of your 3 for £5 deal and need another. 3/5

You can buy Brewdog’s Jack Hammer for yourself here.

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