Beer Review – Blue Moon

I said way back in one of my terrible early posts (the very first, in fact) that to make beer you need hops, yeast, water and malt.

Malt is made from grain that’s been allowed to germinate and then dried. It provides the sugar in the brewing mixture, giving the yeast the food it needs to churn out alcohol. The leftovers – whatever bits of dried grain that aren’t sugar – are what gives beer its rich, malty flavour. The choice of malt can make a huge difference to how a beer tastes.

Now, normally malt for beer is made from barley. But in a few, odd cases, brewers have decided to part with that tradition and use other grains. Enter Blue Moon, probably the UK’s best known wheat beer.

blue moon
A beer to enjoy once in a…while. I refuse to succumb to that awful pun.

Blue Moon is pale straw in colour and cloudy, like most wheat beers. It smells of wheat, to precisely nobody’s surprise. It’s the same smell as that that slightly sweet, floral scent you get when you mix flour with warm water.

The flavour is similar, but tinged with orange. I feel a bit like I’m drinking a citrussy pizza dough. It’s sweeter than regular beer, and smoother – almost creamy in consistency.

If you’re looking to experiment with different kinds of beer, Blue Moon is a solid choice for your first wheat beer. If you’re more adventurous though, there’s plenty of better stuff out there to try. 3/5

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