Beer Review – Heart and Soul, Vocation Brewery

As payday is still a frighteningly long way off, I’m having to find cheaper ways to drink. Supermarket “3 for £5” deals welcome me back like an old friend.

I’ve seen beers from Vocation Brewery camping out on supermarket shelves for a year or so now, but never thought to try one until now. It’s a nice looking can: I love the line-art and general style of the thing. As with Poacher’s Choice and its “fruity plumage”, I’m warned that this beer is going to be tropical.

Opening the can is like setting off a bomb. Immediately I’m overwhelmed by the scent of tropical fruits, like I’ve just dived headfirst into a swimming pool filled with Um Bongo. Grapefruit comes through the strongest, then pineapple. It’s nice – refreshing and fruity – but perhaps a little overpowering.

That doesn’t come through in the taste though. It’s fruity, but there’s none of that excessive hoppiness apparent in so many IPAs. It’s not malty at all either. Heart and Soul is recognisable as beer rather than fruit juice, but only just.

Heart and Soul beer
Forgive the large head, I get it from my dad.

Heart and Soul pairs nicely with sunshine, I find as I enjoy it in the concrete square that passes for my back garden. Good work, Vocation. I’ll be having this one again. 4/5.

You can buy Heart and Soul on Amazon here.

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