Beer review – Double Brew Lager, Wolf Warning

Sometimes the best new discoveries are just combinations of older, similar things. Crisp sandwiches, for example – carbohydrate served between two slices of carbohydrate. Or chip butties. Or burritos, with their base of rice in a corn flour wrap.

But let’s move on from my diet cravings. Wolf Warning has attempted a similar combination here with its Double Brew. It comprises a mix of lager and ale, in theory creating a beer with the best features of both. I’m concerned this will end around as well as my attempts to make rose wine by combining red and white, but presumably these Wolf Warning folks have done their research.

The beer is pale gold in colour with a creamy, off-white head. Too much head, in fact, but that was probably down to me jostling the can in my excitement getting it home.

Double’s aroma is interesting. It’s a bit yeasty, like freshly baked bread with a hint of fruit over the top. Beyond that, however, is the problem – the sour tang of disinfectant.

Disinfectant is an important part of the brewing process. It helps ensure the microbes in the fermentation tank are just the ones you put in there, and not nasty little lactobacillus bugs that will sour the beer and make it unsafe to drink. But there’s a limit to how far you can go to scour these nasties from your equipment. Mixing the disinfectant in with the final product – intentionally or not – is several steps too far.

The Double tastes like bananas and brown toast, perhaps a little nutty too. It’s incredibly light, while still having enough malty flavours to stand up against real ales.

But the overpoweringly sour aftertaste of disinfectant ruined this beer. It’s a good opportunity wasted. Everything else about this beer suggested Wolf Warning might have been so much more, but that one oversight has ruined the whole experience.


Nice can wasted on a poor beer

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