Beer Review – Scotney Bitter

In a startling change from my regular routine, I’ve bought a few bottles from the Co-Op this week. No 3 for £5 deals here, much to my dismay, but perhaps the quality of beer makes up for it.

Scotney Bitter is a nice, light copper in colour. It smells fruity as hell – I get hints of grape and apple in there, as well as the malt notes at the bottom end. This is going to be a sweet beer.

There’s a nice, light effervescence to the Scotney, making it feel a bit like it bounces off the tongue. The taste is, as expected, sweet and fruity, though the finish is drier and hoppier, helping to balance it out a bit.

Scotney Bitter is a decent beer. It’s not the sort of thing I specifically go back to buy again, but if the Co-Op ever goes for one of those multibuy deals I might be convinced. 3/5

Astute observers will make out the author in his stupidly large headphones

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