Beer review – Magnum IPA

A little while ago I mentioned a beer using a ridiculous moustache to overcompensate. In no way was I prepared for this.

Don’t worry, I got a top up once the head settled

With a label like that, I was expecting a gimmick beer and nothing more. But Magnum IPA was more than that. It was more than just a beer. It was a journey.

It started with the label, of course – the first bite is with the eye, as they say – and there I found my expectations sink ever lower and lower. But with the beer in my hand, I could smell the floral notes and balanced, fruity hoppiness shining through.

The taste was gorgeous. Bitter initially, giving way to orange zest, biscuitty malt…and then back to bitterness for the aftertaste. I wanted a second sip. Hell, I wanted a second pint.

There’s a lesson here. Don’t let first impressions fool you: just because a beer has a joke name and a false moustache on the label doesn’t mean it’s a write off. Magnum IPA is well worth a try. 4/5.

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