Beer review – Porter in a Storm, Elephant School Brewery

I was very disappointed with this beer.

Not with the flavour, mind, it was very tasty. No, I was disappointed because in spite of the brewery name, this beer is not actually brewed by elephants. Apparently Elephant School Brewery derives its name from a local training facility for East India Company recruits to learn how to ride elephants. It’s still a good story, so I’m willing to let it slide, but I expect better next time.

This beer is very tasty indeed. It’s a porter – coloured like pitch, and about as thick – but the dark, coffee malt flavours are lifted by hints of ripe, tart cranberries. The chocolatiness of the malt comes back around right as you swallow, rounding off the taste with a hint of bitterness so it isn’t overly sweet.

I ended up having a second pint. I tried moving onto different beers after this one but nothing on offer could compete with its rich, smoky, fruity flavour. Not one to drink all night, and definitely better suited for colder, wetter weather, but Porter in a Storm is a pretty good shout. 3/5.

Of course the elephant is pink. Why are the elephants always pink?

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