Beer Review – Splendid Tackle, Skinners

Splendid Tackle is a beer made to celebrate the Six Nations rugby tournament, held every year in the spring. It’s also a synonym for “marvellous genitals”, which may also have played a role in my decision to try it out. Draw your own conclusions from that.

I’m usually pretty wary of special event themed beers – they tend to put more effort into a funky label and hilarious name than making a drinkable product. However, the label looking back at me here screamed claims of “Golden! Zesty! Bold!” so I figured I should give the gimmick beer a try.

It’s certainly golden, with a slightly cloudy appearance and a bright white head. The aroma is fresh, with maybe a hint of fruit. That’s confirmed a moment later with the taste: there’s a hint of apple in there and maybe lime. Perhaps it’s hopped with Citra.

I really have to struggle to identify the flavours in this, and after a half pint of trying I realise that’s not due to it being especially well balanced or beautifully crafted. It just doesn’t taste of much. As a session beer to accompany the rugby, it’ll suffice. But for any other purpose, this beer is wholly inadequate.

2/5. This only gets a better score than Boréale Rousse because the name means penis.

We all know you’re using that moustache to compensate for something

2 thoughts on “Beer Review – Splendid Tackle, Skinners

  1. Great review, having tried this myself i make you right on all counts… especially with regard to the moustache…


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