Unibroue 4 – Trois Pistoles

As a bit of a break from the regular format, I (L) have reviewed this beer in partnership with my lovely girlfriend (B). Good luck making sense of the following.

L: This beer is called Trois Pistoles. It’s a dark beer from a Canadian brewery called Unibroue.

B: It’s a nice brown. Is that supposed to be a nice brown? It’s like molasses or coke.

L: It does look a lot like molasses, yeah – very dark, a little cloudy. What do you make of the smell? It’s quite sweet.

B: It smells like molasses too, or maybe jam?

L: This tastes like dandelion and burdock.

B: What?

L: This tastes like dandelion and burdock.

B: No, I heard what you said. I was just questioning your sanity.

L: It’s a drink I used to have whenever I went to my grandma’s house. It’s like old English coke – it’s flavoured with dandelion and dock root, I think? It’s really sweet and fruity, like this.

B: I like that little bit of sweetness at the end. It’s quite plummy.

L: I could drink this all night. How strong is it?

B: Nine percent.

L: I could not drink this all night.

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