Boréale Rousse & Unibroue 3 – Noire de Chambly

I hate the snow. Honestly, I hate all weather. I think the world would be a better place if we could average out the climate over the year so we just get to enjoy lukewarm drizzle every day. Still, as it was snowing the other night I thought I’d make the best of it by drinking something with a polar bear on the bottle.

borealeBoréale Rousse is bland as fuck. Honestly, there’s really not much more to it – it’s inoffensive and dull in every respect other than its colour (copper, clear) and the bottle design. It smelled sticky, like overripe peaches, and tasted of…nothing, really? In fact, the Rousse wasn’t entirely inoffensive. I was offended at how dull this beer was. Boo. 1/5.

Special guest appearance from my thumb

At that point I decided I’d be
better off moving onto something with a bit of flavour, so I cracked open the Noire de Chambly. Now this, at least, had some distinguishing features. It’s a dark ale, with a creamy pale head and a slightly smoky aroma. The taste is like molasses with a musty oakiness to weigh it all down and just the right amount of carbonation to lift it back up. Oddly enough, the oakiness and bubbles reminded me strongly of Champagne, which you don’t get often with dark beer. I wanted another, which is more than I could say for the Boréale. 4/5.

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