Unibroue 2 – Maudite

After trying a depressingly named beer last week (unless you’re looking forward to the end of the world – lookin’ at you, Donald), I thought I’d try something with an inspiring, poetic sounding name next. In retrospect, Maudite may have been better drunk at the end of 2016 to round off an accursed year.

mauditeIt’s a rich, dark walnut in colour, rather than the lighter pine of the Fin du Monde, with a frothier head unlike the thick, creamy top on its stronger sister.

Yes, Maudite is slightly weaker than last week’s beer – though at 8% it’s hardly like drinking tap water. But it tastes much stronger: the alcohol in Maudite isn’t balanced by other flavours, only brought out further by the plummy spiciness of the malt. The scent and aftertaste are both of yeast – I’m all for unfiltered beers, but surely there shouldn’t be so much yeast left in the bottle that it’s the first and last thing you notice?

All in all, Maudite is poorly balanced, without enough interesting features to back up its sheer alcoholic power (unlike me). Maybe this beer really is accursed. 3/5

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