Unibroue 1 – La Fin du Monde

Perhaps I should be worried that 50% of my Christmas presents this year came in the form of alcohol. It’s like people are trying to tell me, “Hey dude! Your unhealthy drinking habits aren’t killing you fast enough, plus I can only bear your company when you’re slightly buzzed. So get drinking and KILL! THAT! LIVER!”

Not that I mind. My liver’s had it too good for too long.

One of my more intriguing gifts (i.e. not from my Amazon wishlist) was a half dozen beers from Unibroue. They’re an outfit from Quebec (which, much to Quebec’s frustration, remains part of Canada), who have a pretty wide range of very nice looking, incredibly strong beers. I’ll be reviewing them in turn over the next couple of weeks, because there’s no way I can write even halfway sensibly when drinking six in one go.

Seriously, this stuff is scary strong. This week I chose the appropriately named “La Fin du Monde” (because what better beer to usher in the new year than the end of the world?). This stuff has an ABV of 9%. 9. By the end of the first glass of this stuff, I’m expecting to taste my own heartbeat.

The label shows Quebec and Labrador but not Newfoundland. I’m told that all 12 of Newfoundland’s residents are outraged.

It’s a triple ale – strong pale ale (did I mention it’s strong?) – so I was expecting something fairly similar to Belgian beer. Much like Hercule Poirot, it’s small, neatly packaged, and speaks a mix of French and English on the label, so ticks in all those boxes.

Fin du Monde is a lovely looking ale. It’s cloudy, even after a few moments to settle, and has a white, creamy head. The aroma is a mix of honeysuckle and ripe peaches.

I’ll admit, I was worried I’d be blown away by the alcohol content but Fin du Monde is extremely well balanced. The warmth of the alcohol is there, but it’s offset by the spiced sweetness of the malt and a slightly dry aftertaste. There’s not much bitterness here – other than with those residents of Newfoundland – just a very well made beer.

Having done a bit more internet trawling, I’ve discovered that La Fin du Monde holds more medals and awards than any other Canadian beer. In which case, I look forward to being disappointed by the next few. 5/5


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